Looks like I started this blog at the wrong time: must now focus on exams – back in a few weeks!


6 Responses to “Exams..”

  1. naturehippy Says:

    Ah the joys of A2s! Hey, I do have to get 90% in two of them to get into Cambridge – whatcha gunna do.. Ugh.
    Besides, I didn’t think anyone actually READ this!

  2. well sounds like fun

  3. and hope all goes well

  4. Hi, ive been reading your thread on the forum, and your trip sounds like its going to be amazing, I think were roughly the same age, (18?) its good to here other people your age have the same dreams and passions and you, let me know how your trip gets on and good luck on your a2s, cheers Cain

    • naturehippy Says:

      Hi! Thanks very much – finished the jan modules but now revising for summer ones, and doing coursework 😦 !! What’s your situation on that front?
      Yeah I mean hopefully I’ll get to do it, I think it would be awesome, and not too expensive in comparison with some of my other gap year plans – no accomodation costs at least. Totally agree about knowing people who like the same stuff – none of my friends do, it’s a bit annoying! Are you gunna go to the bushmoot? I’m thinking about it..

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